Grey-Flow PS AG Long 760 x 520 x 930mm Automatic Cleaning



A true grey water diversion system that is fully automated, easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing homes or installed on new homes!

Whilst showering or washing clothes, the greywater is directly diverted to your garden with a minimum water storing time.

This unique patented design reduces: health risks, mosquito and bacteria breeding as well as maintenance of the system. This greywater system is voted to be the most maintenance free system in the market! Greywater recycling systems.

  • Recycle and Reduce Costs – from laundry, bathroom sinks, showers and baths to water your landscaping.
  • Beat Water Restrictions – keep landscaping green during dry climates.
  • Easy-to-Install – flexible above or below ground installation, fully integrated and ready to be installed by your Licensed Plumber.
  • Ready to Use – with drip irrigation tube for fully automatic watering (up to 5,000 square meters when used in conjunction with the GF-Rotor).
  • Low Maintenance – available with automated self-cleaning.
  • Reliable & Robust – high reliability, industrial grade pump, clog resistant and de-sludge mechanism.
  • 24 Month Warranty – Direct support from Australian manufacturer.

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Weight 30 kg