All units on this page are New Zealand Watermark Certified – They are approved by councils New Zealand wide.

The Grey-Flow Grey Water Harvesting System

Drought and water restrictions is impacting New Zealand more and more.  The Grey-Flow greywater diversion systems is as a smart way to reuse greywater.  Compact and economical the Grey-Flow greywater reuse system can be used for a variety of functions, such as a drainage sump pump station or diverting rainwater.  A must for any true eco house design!

Reuse of Greywater

Building consent can be gained to collect greywater for reuse.  Kitchen wastewater can be reused through Green Loo Grease Traps.  Eliminating grease, oils and solids grease traps the water is conditioned.  Along with   greywater from showers, baths, basins, washing machines and laundry tubs can be used to irrigate gardens and other suitable activities.

Greywater safe for reuse

Greywater is not fit for human consumption.  However, a properly installed and maintained greywater reuse system kept away direct human contact with proper discharge is completely safe to use for other activities.    With New Zealand water restrictions and escalating water costs, it is also better on the wallet to reuse water wherever possible.

Grey-Flow greywater systems will filter and pump greywater into irrigation systems for gardens.  Designed for this purpose Grey-Flow meets health and plumbing standards and is certified in New Zealand as well the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

Great environment and landscape outcomes have been seen worldwide with over 10,000 Grey-Flow installed.  This award-winning greywater system has created water savings of up to 200,000 litres per household per year!  Good for the environment and good for your wallet!

Rainwater collection

Rainwater collection is awesome!  Stored right it is suitable for drinking, however, it can be used for irrigation.  Coupled with compost created from a Green Loo composting toilets; your ‘vege’ gardens will be the envy of your neighbours.  A complete cycle; rainwater, reused greywater, composting toilet, and fresh healthy vegetables for a healthy environmentally friendly you!

Best Detergents to Use

Today most detergents are biodegradable and making an environmentally friendly household, however, for best long-term results low salt and low phosphorus detergents are recommended.

Spares and Parts for Grey-Flow

The systems come with manual or automatic filter cleaning.  Along with several other options.  Check out our range of parts and consumables. Or contact us if you need more information on pumps, filters, valves, or fittings etc.  We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.


EZGREY Systems are a compact, low cost unit suitable for small/medium sized homes or other single application diversions. This system filters household greywater and discharges it for garden irrigation. Ideal for retrofitting existing buildings.

The EZYGREY 50M is a manual filter cleaning unit with 50mm inlet, suitable as a stand alone greywater unit (excluding kitchen water/grease traps).

See video below of its predecessor, the G-Flow, paired with the optional Rotor-Valve for illustrative purposes for manual cleaning options

EZGREY – Operation-Installation-Maintenace Manual

EZGREY Certification

The Grey-Flow PS AG

Available in two size configurations on Shop Page ( Grey-Flow Short & Grey Flow Long)

The Grey-Flow PS AG Above Ground Plug & Play family product is a true Greywater diversion system that is fully automated, easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing homes or installed on new homes. Whilst showering or washing clothes, the greywater is directly diverted to your garden with a minimum water storing time. This unique patented design reduces health risks, mosquito and bacteria breeding. The automatic cleaning option ensures easy maintenance of the system. This greywater system is voted to be the most maintenance free system in the market! Available as automatic cleaning option only. See video below.

Grey Water Range of Products

Grease Traps

If kitchen water is to be dispersed through a Greywater System, Grease Traps are required by council to be installed together with Greywater Systems.
Grease Traps are designed to remove oils and grease from kitchen waste before they can reach the Greywater System. This simply ensures that the Greywater System isn’t overloaded with nutrients.

Green Loo offers Grease Traps from 50 & 150 litre capacity upwards, for both above ground and in-ground installation. Please contact us for a quote on your specific Grease Trap requirement.