GT 120 & GT 330

Two sizes, one great Loo!

Two Sizes – Ideal for small, medium and commercial applications

Australian & New Zealand
Standard 1546.2-2008 Approved

The GT Split System Composting Toilet:

Split Systems are the largest type of composting toilet. The compost treatment tank/chamber is below the bathroom floor. Therefore a larger composting container (which equates to a larger composting capacity) is used. All you see in the toilet room itself is the toilet pedestal (“throne”). The UN award winning GT systems are New Zealand most affordable split system relative to capacity.
The capacity can be increased, just by adding more spare composting chambers (comes with 2 containers as standard). These can be purchased when the system is initially bought, or if the need for them arises. 1 extra container increases the capacity by 100%.

Green Loo cares deeply about the Earth and her precious resources – we believe in a world where we put ‘People Before Profits’ and we are doing ‘our bit’ by offering this superior system at a seriously minimized price.


Waterless, odourless & hygienic – No chemicals


Sturdy & simple design – break-down proof


Unlimited capacity – easily added onto, if required


Whirlybird fan can be supplied instead of the standard mains power/12V vent system

Two sizes to choose from – domestic and commercial use

GT 120 Composting Toilet Kit

$2,930.00 (Incl GST)

GT 120 Composting Toilet Kit- 4 to 6 people full-time use

This kit comes complete with a quality Olso Porcelain Pedestal

each additional container adds another 4-6 people full time use capacity

The GT 120 measures 600 w x 600 d x 700 mm high, the chute extends up to 300 mm. The volume of the system is two containers at 120 l, which services 4 – 6 people full time (18 visits daily (average), 6,570 visits annually

GT 330 Composting Toilet Kit

$3,293.00 (Incl GST)

GT 330 Composting Toilet Kit – 8 people full-time use

This kit comes complete with a quality Olso Porcelain Pedestal

each additional container adds another 8 people full time use capacity

The GT 330 measures 660 w x 760 d x 920 mm high, the chute extends up to 200 mm. The volume of the system is two containers at 330 l, which services 8 people full time ( 42 visits daily (average), 15,330 visits annually (approximately)) – each spare container purchased adds 8 people extra to this capacity

What is included?

Green Loo’s GT 120 and GT 330 kits come with everything you need to set the system up: One Composting container with waste chute, spare container with sealed lid, timber rails, heavy duty wheels, 12V fan & 240V power adaptor, vent fittings, excess liquids drainage hose.  

Instead of the standard fan a whirlybird ($265.00 extra) can be supplied for a non electrical option. However, please remember that whirlybirds only work when there is wind.

For transport cost reasons we don’t include the lengths of 100mm vent pipe which are easily available from your local hardware/plumbing store and the slotted drainage pipe etc. However, you can purchase our Vent & Drain Kit if you wish ‘to make life easy’.

Add a toilet pedestal of your choice and you are all set to go!

History, Applications and Awards of the
Green Loo GT systems

Pikkuvihreä, the Finland based maker of Green Loo’s GT systems, is a family-owned business founded in 1992 which has over 25 years experience as industry leaders of dry toilet technology.

Offering products and solutions to both private homes as well as to public sites including marinas, camping sites, national parks, GTs can be found in every continent; from Peru’s Macchu Pichu to the Pacific Ocean’s New Caledonia. Used by armed forces, tourist centers, nature trails and eco – villages, its benefits make Green Toilets ideal for domestic application.

Pikkuvihreä has been awarded the United Nations Agenda 21 Environment Prize both in 1998 and 2005.


Green Loo has pride in being the exclusive distributor for Pikkuvihreä’s products in Oceania, Asia and Africa.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the best system for your situation we would love to talk further with you.