Our Loos

Self Contained Systems

  • Everything contained within base unit
  • Compact design, no separate tank required
  • Easy installation or portable
  • No underground space required

Perfect for Tiny Houses and Slab Buildings


Cost Effective solution for batch or cottage


A loo for anywhere!

RV Pod - for a Loo on the move

Ideal for RVs, Boats, Caravans, Glamping and much more!
Privacy shutter ensures compost is hidden from view when not in use. Perfect for movable situations and slab buildings, as no underfloor space is required.

Eco Pod - Affordable composting toilet

2 people full-time use / 4 people part-time use. Capacity can be increased by adding more systems as required, catering to larger family sizes,  number of bathrooms desired. 

Kiwi Pod - A little more space

2 people full-time use / 4 people part-time use – can be increased by adding optional extra compost bins. The Kiwi-Pod has been designed to allow a little extra space between your seat and the compost pile.

Scandi Pod - Small Loo large capacity

2 – 3 people full-time use / 4 – 5 people part-time use. Comes with 2 Large composting containers which each have a 50 litre capacity! Scandinavian style, simple, minimalist but elegant design.

Rota Pod - 3 bin carousel batch composting

2 – 3 people full-time use / 4 – 5 people part-time use.
Ingenious rotational three-bin batch composting system allows for maximum capacity – when one bin is full, simply move the mechanism on, and use the next bin within the system!

Split Systems

  • Separate base and tank
  • Tank may be installed underground or up to 15m away on some models
  • Can be added to new build or retrofitted where septic cannot be used
  • Off grid and waterless options available

Perfect for permanent/continuous use


Traditional toilet look and feel


Commercial and large use applications

Rota Loo - waterless composting toilet

Three different models ranging from a single pedestal unit suitable for up to four people full-time use through to a large commercial system suitable for camping grounds or public toilet settings.

Green Loo GL 90 - Best value system

Ideal for small & medium applications where a low profile is required. Perfect for Tiny Homes. No fuss maintenance. Manufactured from recycled materials

Green Loo GT 120 and GT 330 - Excellence

Ideal for small, medium and commercial applications. Quick & easy installation by any handyman. The sturdy & simple design makes it practically break-down proof.

Unlimited capacity means it is easily added onto if required to increace capacity as needs grow. 

Enviro Loo - dry toilet system

The main body is buried making the bowl level with the ground. This means that no ramps need to be installed for disabled access – saving a great deal of money in construction/set up costs.

The In’s and Out’s

Some carbon-based material or bulking agent, such as softwood shavings or peat, should be added daily or with each use. This gives the proper carbon–nitrogen mix, helps aerate the compost and prevents compacting. The help of a bulking agent aids in the composting process to produce good compost, faster.

Compost needs to be removed from the container when it is sufficiently decomposed. The frequency of removal depends on the size of container, how often the system is used, and local climatic conditions. The minimum ‘fallow’ period should be six months. This compost can be used as wonderful organic fertiliser dug into your garden or disposed of according to local council regulations.