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Innovative Solutions for Water Conservation

Green Loo is a Canterbury based company offering the most effective and fail safe all-in-one solutions to your bio – sanitation needs. We believe in ‘putting your money where your mouth is’ and therefore pride ourselves on supplying to You the:

Best Value composting toilets available in New Zealand !

Dry composting toilets that use no water for flushing conserve precious water resources and keep effluent and pollutants out of waterways and the ecosystem. The savings on your water bill are an added bonus – and waterless toilets can, in fact, be an elegant addition to a modern bathroom.

Tailored to domestic & public applications, Green Loo’s products are also proven in the military, in disaster relief and the developing world. Become part of an ever growing solution worldwide and help preserve our earth’s most precious resource – water!

Check these Compost Toilets Out!

In Stock Now

GL 90

Green Loo GL 90 with Black Helsinki Pedestal !


Ideal for small & medium applications where a low profile is required. Perfect for Tiny Homes.


Comes with everything you need to set the system up !


Sturdy & simple design – break-down proof.


Certified to NZ Standards.


On Special GL90 $1,870.00 GST Inc.



Helsinki Pedestal

Comes in a choice of Black and White.

Green Loo - Helsinki Black Pedestal toilet for composting toilets in New Zealand

GL90 Extra Bin Special $510.00 GST Inc.

Grab this Special to add capacity to your kit set purchase – only while stock lasts !



Perfect for Tiny Homes and Slab Buildings!


2 people full-time use / 4 people part-time use – can be increased by adding optional extra compost bins


Available with chamber screen that hides the compost from view if not in use


Elegant and sturdy Marine Fiberglass construction


Easy to clean ceramic like finish


Our Loos

We pride ourselves on offering the best value composting toilets available in New Zealand.