GL 90 CM – Compost Maximiser Retrofit Kit

$445.00 (Incl GST)

The Green Loo Compost Maximiser – a simple mechanism that eliminates the ‘coning’ effect when your container is nearing full & maximises the space inside your composting container & aiding the break down process. And all this without getting your hands dirty!

The GL 90 is now available as the original GL 90 or as the GL 90 CM (Compost Maximiser). 

The Green Loo Compost Maximiser is in keeping with our philosophy of simple, easy design using the KISS principle. Knowing the pitfalls of over-engineered products used in some composting toilets currently on the market (liable to break and difficult to use as the container grows fuller) we decided to make this a simple, break down proof mechanism.

And good news for previous clients – the Compost Maximiser is retrofittable to most old GL 90 systems – just ask our team to confirm for your particular case.