RV Pod 

Ideal for RVs, Mobile Homes, Boats, Camping, Caravaning and Glamping

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RV-Pod Information

  • Ideal for RVs, Boats, Caravans, Glamping and much more!
  • Privacy shutter ensures compost is hidden from view when not in use.
  • Urine diversion system ensures only solid waste is bagged – maximising capacity.
  • Silent 12V fan and convenient urine drain system making it the perfec dehydrating waterless toilet.
  • Easily connects to mains power or optional solar pack (see below for our solar power kit).
  • Designed for easy installation using common handyman tools.
  • Virtually unlimited usage – as solid waste is bagged and disposed of wherever convenient.
  • Liquid waste is captured in a 5l container for easy disposal.
  • Sturdy Construction – Made from marine grade fibreglass.
  • Perfect for movable situations and slab buildings, as no underfloor space is required.

Our most affordable mobile toilet!!!

Comes with solids container, roll of compost-able bags, 12V fan, 240V adaptor, liquids drainage pipe &
liquids container/external liquids drain pipe.

What do you get?

The RV-Pod is shipped without vent fittings. It’s variety of installation options (like boat, caravan etc. etc.) – mean that no prescribed set of fittings suits all applications. A standard domestic installation calls for 1 x 45 degree bend, 1 x 45 degree Y-junction, 1 x push on cap, 1 x vent cowl (or similar capping) and vent pipe. All standard 65mm DWV available from any plumbing supplier.

Specifications: Dimensions 580mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 450mm(H), Toilet Seat Height 420mm

The RV-Pod’s fan can be powered by mains electricity, or by connecting it to a 12V solar power source.
See our solar power system below.

The water-less RV-Pod compost toilet is a self-contained dry toilet system designed for use in RVs, Mobile Homes, Boats, Camping, Glamping etc etc.

Requiring no water, a silent fan creates air-flow within the system eliminating odours. At the same time the fan pulls air through the system which dehydrates the solids. Once the collection bin is full it is taken to the garden compost pile or bin and the biodegradable bag deposited and covered with 10cm of organic matter, such as grass clippings, where the bag and contents will break down.

Covering material, such as wood shavings can be used as a cover material to minimise visual/olfactory impact if required.

An appealing design and simplicity of use make the RV-Pod a great choice for any location. The human waste can be added to a composter to break down into a hygienically-safe material that can be recycled back to nature without polluting the environment.

Alternatively it can be disposed of at any waste disposal facility.

 A convenient privacy screen is incorporated into the design to minimise visual impact of the compost pile.


Mobile Version and Fixed Installation Version

For fixed installations the RV-Pod can also be supplied with a longer liquids hose instead of the standard internal 5 litre liquids container (mobile version). This allows for for external liquids collection or dispersal.

You have a choice of either collecting the liquids in a larger liquids container external to the RV-Pod or disperse the liquids via a liquids dispersal trench outside the toilet room. See picture of this liquids drain version.

It can also be configured with a facility to collect the urine below the unit (below floor level). Please email or telephone if you are interested in this below floor free modification.

SF-20 Solar Power Supply

The 20W Solar Power System is a Solar Energy system that is the perfect solution for powering your toilet vent fan and basic off grid power requirements. Low cost, high reliability design – 20W poly-crystalline solar panel with 5m cable and 150Wh LiFePO4 Battery – 3 x 12V outputs, 2 x 5V USB outputs, Portable, durable energy supply system – LFP (LiFePO4) batteries offer longer cycles life than other lithium-ion batteries.

2 x 3W LED Lights included with 4m lead and switch.